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Nesquik DIY FOR DOLLS ?? Food for Dollhouse
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My name is Anna Oskina!
I'm an artist. I work with polymer clay and make jewelry.
Polymer clay is amazing stuff! You can make jewelry, to decorate the interior, make sculptures, miniatures, dolls and more from polymer clay! In my video I share the secrets of polymer clay sculpting! You will see an interesting sculpting lessons, tricks of working with the material, reviews, and more!

?? My lessons in Russian! But all the action is understandable without words) I really hope you will not stop!
I wish you inspiration and good luck!

Welcome to my channel!
Источник: https://ru.upet.com/shkola-diy/video/hlopya-neskvik-dlya-kukol-eda-dlya-kukol-svoimi-rukami-nesquik-diy-master-klass-anna-oskina-nesquik-diy-for-dolls-food-for-dollhouse-modeling-with-me/

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